Monthly Judgments/Orders Count for the month of July 2020

Sl. No


No. of Judgments uploaded No. of Orders uploaded
1. Shri Chandan Das, District & Sessions Judge 1  
2. Shri Bablu Sutradhar, Addl. District & Sessions Judge    
3. Smti. Sangeeta Gogoi Bora, Addl. District & Sessions Judge, Margherita    
4. Smti. Audri Bhattacharyya, Chief Judicial Magistrate 1  
5. Shri Anup Khanal, Civil Judge cum Asstt Sessions Judge    
6. Shri Debasish Kashyap, Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 1  
7. Smti Sushmita Borpujari, Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (M), Margherita 1  
8. Shri Lohit Kumar Sarmah, Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (M), Sadiya    
9. Shri Jyotirmay Sharma, Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (S) 1  
10. Smti Sukanya Gogoi, Munsiff cum Judicial Magistrate First Class, Margherita    
11. Smti Pranjita Konwar, Special Railway Magistrate    
12. Smti. Zafreena Begum, Munsiff No. 1 cum Judicial Magistrate First Class    
13. Shri Dhiren Pegu, Munsiff No. 2 cum Judicial Magistrate First Class    
14. Smti. Pranami Goswami, Judicial Magistrate First Class    



Judgments/Orders delivered for the month of July 2020
Sl. No. Date of Judgment Case No. Parties Name Judgment Delivered by
1. 01.07.2020 Sessions Case No.155 (T) of 2016 The State of Assam
Sri Binod Gowalla
Shri Chandan Das
Sessions Judge,Tinsukia
2. 02.07.2020 G.R. Case No. 612 of 2013 State
Sri Bhaskar Bharali @ Dharmajyoti Bharali
Smti. Sushmita Borpujari
 Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (M)
3. 03.07.2020 G.R. Case No. 1671 of 2017 State of Assam
Smt. Purabi Baruah
Shri Debasish Kashyap
  Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Tinsukia
4. 07.07.2020 G.R. No. 165 of 2019 The State of Assam
Sri Sunil Bhagat
Smti Audri Bhattacharyya
Chief Judicial Magistrate,
5. 07.07.2020 PRC No. 382 of 2018 State of Assam
Sri Biki Balmiki & Others
Shri. Jyotirmay Sharma,
 Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (S)